Mork Calling Orson

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“You’re only given a spark of madness. You musn’t lose it.” Robin Williams

Yesterday we lost a genius. Yesterday the world was robbed of funny. Yesterday, Depression claimed another life.

It’s hard to believe that a man that was always so full of life was in such a dark place. Robin Williams had struggled with alcohol and drug abuse for many years and wasn’t shy about admitting it. He sought help and made it very public, having attended rehab numerous times. And while those addictions no doubt took their toll, Depression was the one that came out on top.

RW - Sil pngIn 1978 on a little television show called Happy Days, Robin Williams made his television debut as an alien called Mork. Shortly after Williams and Mork had a spin off series, Mork and Mindy. A show that really let Williams show off his comedic genius.

Over the coming decades Robin Williams starred in 80 movies and 26 television series and he picked up the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor for the 1997 movie Good Will Hunting.

Ironically my favourite Robin Williams movie and one of my favourite movies of all time is What Dreams May Come. Williams plays Chris Neilsen, who finds himself in Heaven a few years after his son and daughter are killed in a car accident. After years in hospital suffering severe Depression, Chris’ wife kills herself. She immediately finds herself doomed to an eternity in Purgatory. Chris then fights against all odds to find his wife and bring her to heaven. It’s a beautiful story about true love and the parallels to Williams’ own end are scary.

RW - Mork pngI’m not a religious person, but if there is a Heaven, I have no doubt, he’s telling jokes up there.

Depression is horrible, I know, I was in a very dark place at the beginning of this year. I had some thoughts I’m not proud of, but I was lucky. I was surrounded by great friends, friends that knew I was in a dark place and they were able to help me see the light. There’s is no doubt, without my mates, I wouldn’t be where I am right now, almost back to “normal”.

If you suffer from Depression, if things are getting you down and you’re just not feeling yourself, please speak to someone. Tell a friend, tell a work mate, speak to someone. If you can’t find anyone to talk to, then I urge to call LIFELINE on 13 11 14 or visit their website. You are not alone.

As for Robin, you were a comic genius, an endlessly funny man. You’ve made me laugh, you’ve made me cry, over all, you’ve entertained me.

Thank you for the funny.

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