Want a donut? FINE!

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This donut has purple in the middle, purple is a fruit.” – Homer Simpson

It’s been almost 2 weeks since the donut juggernaut that is Krispy Kremes opened it’s doors here in our little town of Adelaide, and the general public has been going (do)nuts ever since.

It started with people braving the cold to line up for days before it opened, for the chance to be the first to but the state purchase their sugary goodness. And lines haven’t ceased since. People are queued for miles still to get a taste. And what’s wrong with that? Nothing in this writer’s eyes, each to their own.

But it seems the fat cats at Krispy Kremes aren’t the only ones making dough out of this little venture, turns out the City of Charles Sturt is cleaning up as well.

These guys know where the best donuts are!

These guys know where the best donuts are!

Parking is at a premium for blocks surrounding the store and parking inspectors are having a field day. Charles Sturt Council has issued over $21000 in parking fines to donut hunters in the past 7 days! Something I’m sure speed camera operators are glad to hear as it’s taking them out of the revenue raising spotlight for a little while.

I have to wonder though, when does a council actually work for it’s constituents? Sure the parking is a problem at the moment, but this will all die down soon enough, so why cash in on it? Shouldn’t the council do something to help the problem?

Krispy Kremes has just created a bundle of jobs for the people in the local area and with the overwhelming success of the business at the present moment, more jobs are currently up for grabs. Surely this is a good thing for the community?  So instead of sending out parking inspectors to fine the people that are spending their hard earned money on the party pastries, why not send out to council workers to help with the traffic?

Here are some simple ways the council could help instead of hinder:

  • Maybe set up some temporary parking close by (unfortunately I’m not familiar with the area, so I’m not sure if that’s possible.)
  • Have “Lolly-Pop” men controlling the roads around the store, slowing down traffic, helping customers to get across the road to the store safely, cutting down on waiting times and relieving traffic congestion.
  • Speak with other local businesses to offer up some of  their car parking spaces for a while. Perhaps offer them some intensives.

I’m sure if they put their heads together and brain storm for an hour, they’ll come up with some ideas that help their community, rather than fine it.


Let me know what you think!