TapouT XT – Day 1



“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step”.Lao Tzu

Nudity WarningOK, so it’s not full nudity, but I thought I’d warn you about the below picture as some of you may have just eaten! Sure it’s not the worst “before” picture ever taken, in fact I’m pretty happy with it. Compared to a few weeks ago it’s a massive improvement. But now it’s time to step it up a notch. Really burn that flab and turn that fat in to fab!

There are plenty of areas I need to work on and like most guys it’s that horrible midriff area, the guts, the fuel tank for a sex machine, the keg. The list goes on. Sure there’s going to be plenty of hard work ahead, but like my good mate Matty Norwood from Anytime Fitness Munno Para says, “Abs are 70% kitchen, 30% gym”. I’d like to extend that and say they are 35% kitchen, 35% pub and 30% gym.

Let’s face it, most guys like a drink or 3 and don’t really need that much encouragement to have a pint and I’m no exception. Until now. But I think I’ll cover that in another blog. Here is the picture you’ve all been waiting for!

Tapout XT Day 1 Side by Side 1

Well that’s enough jabber for a minute. I’ll let the above image burn itself in to your brain, I’m going to head out and do today’s video. I’ll be back in about an hour to tell you how it went!

Cross Core Combatstop_watch_red_face








OMG! My EVERYTHING hurts! I gotta tell ya that was INTENSE! With 5 minutes left, just before the warm down, I had to do everything NOT to throw up! That was a tough work out and I’ll admit, I wasn’t giving it 100%. I say that because I was watching a video. I had my laptop outside to do the workout and because I’ve never really been any good at aerobics or dancing I had to pause the video from time to time and rewind so I could work out the exercise. So I’d say there were a couple of times where my heart rate may have dropped a wee bit.

Swanky-PunchAs the title of this work out suggests, the “core” was the target of today’s activity, although it was also a complete body work out. And right now, my core hurts, not hurts bad, more like John Cougar Mellencamp, it hurts so good! It’s 20 minutes since I finished and my abs are tight, no they are TIGHT! They are almost quivering. I now know that beneath that flab there are definitely muscles!

The work out was great, it was fun and while I worked hard, I enjoyed it too.

A couple of suggestions though, if you’re going to do this, do it inside if possible and give yourself plenty of room. If you have to do it outside, like myself, then get yourself a decent sized mat to work out on. I had a small camper sleeping mat and it wasn’t quite wide enough. But it will do until I get something bigger.

I have to say this was a tough work out (makes it harder when you’re completely “unco” like me) but I have no doubt as I continue along this journey and I start to work out how to do the exercises properly, I’ll be able to train with more intensity and the results will come along.

OK, I’m off to get some more water, I’ll update the blog at Day 10 with a picture and to fill you in on how it’s all coming along. To stay updated daily though head over to the Facebook Page and hit LIKE.

And if you’re out training, or working out with a goal in mind, I’d love to hear about it. Keeping fit requires a positive attitude from not only you but the people around you. Don’t listen to the “knockers”, take your strength from the people that support you. Knockers are lazy, you are not!

And remember: Aggressive Fitness is Winning Fitness!




Let me know what you think!