It’s Moments Like These….

What is it about open packets of things on your desk, that makes your work colleagues think it’s OK to help themselves to your stuff?

I often have a packets of lollies, or perhaps a packet of chips on my desk, something to nibble on while I’m tortured for 8 hours by customers who think they are the only people on the planet that need servicing. But it amazes me, that people who don’t bring a treat for themselves at any time, think that because my packet is open, it’s an open invitation for them to help themselves.

Well I’ve got news for you, it aint!

I’ll happily offer my treats around and have no problem if you accept, after all I’m not a complete prick, but just because I leave my desk, it doesn’t mean it’s open slather for you to help yourself.

Now I know this may seem petty, but I would never, help myself to your stuff, certainly without asking. Your stuff is your stuff and I respect you personal space, I’d certainly appreciate if you did the same to mine.

I guess that also brings me to something similar going back over 6 months ago. I’m a big fan of energy drinks and while I’ve currently given them up (or at least cut waaaaay back) I still enjoy them from time to time. The local services stations often offer 2 for 1 deals and I’ll generally take advantage of that on the way in to work. About 6 months ago, somebody decided that my can of Mother would be better enjoyed by them than my goodself.

What kind of person helps themselves to other people’s things from the fridge at work? Once again, I certainly wouldn’t, it’s called stealing. And quite frankly, it grinds my gears.

After discovering the theft, I sent out a group email to everyone at work thanking the thief for relieving me of my goods, most people thought it was kind of funny, but I’ll tell you right now, I didn’t. Sure it might have only cost $3, but damn it, it was my $3. I was the one who thought, “Geez, I could go a can of Mother”. I’m the one who passed over my $3 to the clerk. Me, not the fucker who stole it.

So here’s a friendly tip for anybody thinking of helping yourselves to anything that doesn’t belong to it you, DON’T BE AN ASS!



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