TapouT XT – Day 10

Tapout XT pack


“In Tapout XT there is no quit! There’s a pause button, but no quit!” – Tapout XT Trainer – Mike Karpenko


So it’s 10 days in from when I started the Tapout XT work out and it’s time for the first scheduled weigh in. But we’ll get to those pics in a minute, I guess if you can’t wait, you could always scroll down now! But before I get in to that and my progress, I’d like to answer a few questions people have been asking me.

1. Is it working? – In short, yes. Like any exercise program results aren’t always instant, but there certainly are some.
2. How do you feel? – In short, AWESOME! I was already working out before, but now I’m feeling it, I know I’ve done a work out by the time I’m finished!
3. How long do the work outs take? – All of them are under an hour mostly about 50 minutes, including warm up and cool down.


Mike K

It’s certainly been hard work, and as Tapout creator and instructor Mike Karpenko continues to say during the workout videos, “There’s no quit in Tapout” (which is slightly ironic as to tap out in MMA, which this work out is based on, means to quit! Still, I know what he means. He encourages you to take a rest and drink some water if you need it, but don’t quit, continue the workout and finish it. Certainly easier said than done a lot of times!

Mike is also fond of saying, “Tapout body’s are earned with sweat”. And he’s not wrong there!

OK, so let’s get to the crunch, how do the results compare from Day 1 to day 10. Well the pics below are subtle, but there’s certainly changes (and I can feel them too!)

First let’s look at the Day 1 pre workout “Before” shot again.

Tapout XT Day 1 Side by Side 1


And now the Day 10 “Progress” shots.


Tapout XT Day 10 Side by Side


So the vital stats are as follows:


Weight: Lost 1.6kgs (although the day before I actually weighed in at 81.4kgs, but weight goes up and down all the time)

Chest: Gained 10mm and I’m starting to get that old shape back

Biceps: Gained 20mm (Granted this pic was taken straight after a work out and I was pumped up!)

Waist: Lost 8mm – Old pants are starting to fit me again, comfortably. I need to buy a new belt now because I’m on my last loop in the right direction and that makes you feel great!


Tapout earned with sweat 3I’ve also started to get a lot of definition back in my calves and quads, so legs are looking great and (warning brag ahead) I’m getting my old butt back. (I used to get complimented a lot about my butt by the ladies waaaaay back when and it’s coming back, OK enough bragging).

So while the results appear small, they are great, I’m burning fat and gaining muscle and getting muscle definition back. I feel great and I don’t mind sounding like a douche, but I look good.

And if you think you look good, you will feel good, it will increase your confidence and that’s a great thing.

Well, next weigh in/update is at Day 30, so about another 15 or 16 days away (it’s Day 16 as I write this), so it’s a few weeks away, but I’m looking forward to seeing the results. Hopefully this is inspiring you to get off the couch and go for a walk or a run and get fit as well.

Until next time;

Aggressive Training is Winning Training!


Let me know what you think!

  1. I started 8 days ago, I love the workout but I think I expect too much too soon. I work in an office and I honestly can say I sit on my butt most of the time at work, a stretch every now and then but not much. Im not doing the diet, but trying to eat good. I hope I see results soon. every morning I go online to get motivated..watch success stories of any weight loose. I tried to find other pictures of peeps at about 10 days 30 days and so on but I only see day 1 then day 90. Im hoping that there are others that feel that same way as I do

    • Great work Helen, stick with it. not everyone gets miracle results, but you do get results!.

      I’ve been pretty slack with both my blog and fitness, but I’m slowly getting back in to it, so look out for updates soon.