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What Dreams


“The mind is its own place and in itself, can make a Heaven of Hell, a Hell of Heaven.”John Milton

I like to make movie reviews of movies that I either find cool, or that I think you might enjoy. Last night I revisited one of my all time favourite movies, it is both cool and I think you’ll enjoy it.

HellWhat Dreams May Come is based on the book of the same name by author Richard Matheson and tells the tale of two Soul Mates stricken by tragedy. After their 2 children are killed in a car accident, Chris Nielson, played by Robin Williams is also tragically killed in a gruesome car accident. Chris finds himself in Heaven but longs for his wife.

With everything meaningful in her life destroyed, Annie Nielson (Annabella Sciorra) commits suicide. Unfortunately souls that commit suicide don’t go to Heaven and Chris must fight through the depths of Hell, to not only find his wife but to save her from an eternity of despair.

whatdreamsmaycomeThis is an amazing story that is shot so well. One thing that sticks out right from the get go is the use of colour. Everything is so surreal, yet so vivid. You can’t help but get lost in the amazing worlds created.

Make no mistake though this is romance movie and quite the tear jerker. I have no problem in telling you, I choke up on number of occasions during this movie and shed a few quite tears along the way. Normally I hate those kinds of movies, give me bullets flying, cars exploding and bad guys dying any day. But do I love this movie.

I can draw so many parallels with this film, so I guess that’s why it strikes a chord with me. This is a beautiful movie and if you don’t mind shedding a tear or two, then let me suggest, grabbing someone you love, snuggling up and sticking this one in to the old DVD player and remember what makes you both so special.

And remember “Don’t Give Up!”

I’m, giving this one 6 out of 5 Popcorns.

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