The Great Debate


Thinking isn’t agreeing or disagreeing. That’s voting.
Robert Frost

It’s been debated since the dawn of time, which awesomeness belongs on “Fairy Bread”, Sprinkles or 100’s and 1000’s? And which blend of brilliance tastes the best?

This troublesome dilemma has caused many a heated debate and has been known to destroy relationships. Just which way is Fairy Bread made best? This author is not ashamed to admit, that he strongly believes Sprinkles may not be the original way to make this staple of kids parties, but is certainly the best and most tastiest way to turn an ordinary party snack in to a gourmet meal fit for the Queen’s own children.
Yup, I’m laying my cards flat on the table for the world to see, Sprinkles are the bomb. They melt in your mouth with their sweet, sweet goodness. It’s obvious that Sprinkles are born in the wombs of angels, nurtured by the Gods themselves until they are almost ripe, then harvested with the love and care of a neo-natal surgeon. They are then packed in to the beautiful plastic bags that keep their awesomeness at it’s peak, waiting for the perfect time to emerge and adorn your party snacks. Anything from bread to cup cakes. Turning your bland every day bread and cup cakes in to the finest offerings any God would be happy to accept and put on hold his smiting to consume. Yes sir, Sprinkles are awesome.


Unfortunately the same can not be said for 100’s and 1000’s. Sure they make an OK substitute if you have no Sprinkles and all the shops and stores are closed. But let’s be honest here, they are hard, they hurt your teeth and have no real flavour of any description. In fact, they are an insult not only to your taste buds, but to your party treats themselves. Seriously, what self respecting piece of bread would be caught dead wearing 100’s and 1000’s? Not too many that’s for sure.

Let’s not forget how many kids are beaten up at school just for having 100’s and 1000’s on their cup cakes. This kind of thing can’t be allowed to continue. And I’m not going to let it, but before I take this any further, I need your help. “But what can I do?”, I hear you ask. It’s simple. Below is a poll, just tell me what you think is the best item for making Fairy Bread, Sprinkles or 100’s and 1000’s.

Make your voice heard, let the world know Sprinkles rock. Don’t be bullied by the peer pressure created by the Corporate Big Wigs. Say enough is enough and vote with your Sprinkly finger below.

Peace Sprinkle lovers, peace.



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Let me know what you think!

  1. I googled sprinkles and found this quote

    “Sex is the tabasco sauce which an adolescent national palate sprinkles on every course in the menu”

    Yes it has nothing to do with the poll and i think they meant to write sprinkled but it does have the word sprinkles and that’s good enough for me.

  2. As a Hunter Gatherer* I see you are ignoring the question of what happens when said bread becomes toast, & how can either of these 2 stand up to the awsomeness that is Activite on toast?

    *may mean couch potato