Too Bat to Fly!

It seems everybody loves Batman right now (including me) but one bloke who has worshipped the Caped Crusader for well over 3 decades is one of my role models, Kevin Smith. You may know Kev better as Silent Bob from Clerks, Mall Rats and of course Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back (and a few other movies). But in case you didn’t know, Silent Bob aint that silent, in fact is quite the opposite. Kev Smith could talk the ass out of a wicker chair, the cool part is you want to to listen.

Kev is responsible for the SModcast Network and it’s pretty safe to say SModcast is leading the way in podcasting. It’s paving the way for any budding podcaster and show the world what can be done with a little drive and a big dream. SModcast has a shed load of shows these days, but the latest instalment from the “Too Fat to Fly Guy” is Fatman on Batman.


Fatman on Batman is a brilliant behind the scenes look at every in carnation of the Dark Knight. 8 episodes in and Kev has spoken to some of the biggest names in Batman, Paul Dini, Bruce Timm, and two of my favoutites, voices from Batman: The Animated Series;  Arleen Sorkin (Harley Quinn) and Mark Hamil (The Joker).

Kev interviews everybody with the passion of a true Batman fan and it’s plain to see that everybody involved in these interviews is also very passionate about the character and the Batman story.

If you like watching “the making of…” or all the behind the scenes extras on DVD’s and you’re a fan of the Bat, then this podcast will interest you no end. Hell it’s even turned me on to comics in a big way and I’ve recently picked up a number of Batman graphic novels.

Thanks to this podcast I have a new respect for everything that goes in to comics and cartoons. This podcast is by no means solely about comics or cartoons though, it’s about all things Batman.

The most recent episode is all about the Batman of the moment, The Dark Knight Rises and Kev pays special tribute to victims of the Colorado tragedy with a minutes silence at the beginning. It’s quite emotional and was a very classy act by the big guy.

If you’re a Batman fan (and who isn’t?) I can’t recommend this podcast enough.

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