Tell ‘Em Steve Dave


I gotta say it, I’m a Kevin Smith Snob. I love everything he touches (well almost everything <INSERT JERSEY GIRL JOKE HERE>, who am I kidding I even like Jersey Girl!) It’s pretty safe to say if it has the Kev Smith’s finger prints on it, I’ll watch it or listen to it. I think it’s also pretty safe to say he’s fast becoming a huge role model for me. I really love the way he goes about his business. Anywho I digress, I’ll chat about Kev later when I review his book Tough Shit – Life Advice From a Fat Lazy Slob Who Did Good. (Psst half way through and it’s awesome!)

One of the cool things Kev has done in the past few years is redefine the world of podcasting and one of the shows on his awesome SModcast podcast network is Tell ‘EM Steve Dave, or as us fans affectionately know it as TESD.

This is my favourite show (even though there is another 2 I love almost as much). TESD is mainly made up of three of Kev’s mates, Bryan Johnson, Walt Flannigan and Brian Quinn. It’s quite possible you recognise all three of these guys from both the small and big screens. Both Bryan Johnson and Walt Flannigan have appeared in a lot of Kev’s movies in tiny bit parts in Clerks and Mallrats to name a couple (although you might not recognise Bry as he was much thinner and didn’t have the big “Grizzly Adams” beard). Both of these guys also star in “Comic Book Men” which is to me, essentially TESD on TV with the odd comic book thrown in, so naturally I love that too! And Quinn or “Q” has his on TV show on Tru-TV called Impractical Jokers and if you haven’t seen it, track it down, it’s just nuts!

Every now and then they’ll be joined on the show by Kev and other mates form the SModco brand (Ming Chen and Michael Zapcic).

So what is TESD?

Hard to explain, I guess the easiest way to explain it is 3 blokes that sit and and chat… about shit. Just like blokes do when they get together. They chat about movies, or some chick that Q might have tried the hard word on, pretty much anything. Sounds boring right? But it’s not, it’s really quite funny. It’s got to the point with me, that I listen so much in the car, that almost feel it’s like being in the car with my mates, only downside is, I’m not joining in the convo.

What can I say? If you like Kev Smith, you’ll like his mates, they’re not trying to be some sort of show that’s out to knock your socks off every week, they’re just a couple of blokes hanging out and we get to eaves drop.

You can download and subscribe to TESD on iTunes HERE

Check out the TESD blog  HERE

And enjoy!

Let me know what you think!